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Jerry Builds A Swedish Heater

We are able to manufacture the Swedish Country Heater here in Everett, WA and offer it to all qualified heater builders.

The Swedish Country Heater is typical of the Swedish design. We have developed a new air system and door set which was used in the EPA audit tests of Masonry Heaters that OMNI performed. The frame being black steel and door nickel plated with glass.

Our Swedish Heaters meet the strictest emission standards.

The Swedish Heater is a wood burning appliance. Designed for maximum efficiency,
keeping most of the heat inside to radiate out as needed, instead of letting the heat escape
out the chimney.

Heavy refractory bricks on thee inside (pictured on facing page) capture the heat and then
lets it release at a slow rate, so your warmth last 12 hours or more from a 1 to 2 hour burn.

The Swedish Heater, a Swedish tradition, has five connecting flues (shown on drawing
below) for hot gasses to travel through for an approximate total of 25 feet of flue.

The sma1l fire box (shown at bottom of drawing below) burns evenly and efficiently. The
actual firebox would be constructed of standard fire brick. The core  however is cast
refractory.  The kit sets on standard 8'. x 8'. x 16" lightweight C. M U.'s.

Only the metal around the door and tile glass in the door will get too hot to touch, that only
lasts till the fire is out then it cools to the same temperature as the rest of the unit. The
facing material will never get hot enough to burn you.

Chimney may exit vertically at center rear or horizontally through the top rear of the

The core should be set up first, then wrapped with local brick or stone. Plans and brick
layout will be included in the instruction manual sent with each unit. The core can be
wrapped with a non-combustible wonder board and clad with thin tile or wrapped with

insulation and clad with Kachel Tiles. Details upon request

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Foot print 30" x 42 1/2" x 88" high
Fuel load 12 to 15 pounds per firing, tee pee style and dry wood
Wood length 16" to 18" x 2" to 4" in diameter
Heating capacity up to 1200 sq. ft.
Overall efficiency over 70 percent
Combustion efficiency over 90 percent

Required clearances

4" to rear combustible wall,8" to combustible ceiling as per ASTM Guide E-1602-94. May vary depending on local codes
Required Chimney 6" inner diameter type HT UL listed Class "A" chimney or 8" x 8" standard clay flue masonry chimney.  Chimney may exit vertically at center rear or horizontally through the top rear at center.
Door The frame is black steel with nickelplated and glass door.
Facing Material Can be brick, stone, stucco, granite, marble or tiles.
Stucco Models Painting is not furnished or included in the installation. The stucco models should be gently fired for at least a week before painting. To keep your heater clean or to change the color, repaint it with any latex paint.
Delivery Allow 30 to 45 days for delivery.
Payment Schedule 50 percent deposit to schedule delivery, balance due before shipping.
Shipping Shipping thru Viking.  We have a 40 percent discount which will be passed on to you.  However, if Viking does not service your area, the discount does not apply.  If you can pick up your order in a larger city(Viking Terminal) the 40 percent would apply.

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