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Russian Style Masonry Heaters

Proven in Europe generations ago

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The Russian Masonry Heater is basically a simple design that has come out of necessity in areas that ran out of cord wood centuries ago.

A Russian style heater: is a site built heater. It can be any size - small to large.

However most Russian Masonry Heaters are custom designed and constructed as one of a kind.unlike the other styles: Swedish, Finnish, or Austrian, which are built from pre-designed kits.                                                                               RussianDrawings2.gif (18008 bytes)

The Russian style is more flexible. allowing the shape. door location. oven, etc. to be located anywhere they are needed. Any quality mason can build a heater from a kit.  Russian Heaters should only be built by experienced Heater Builders/designers. Design considerations that must be met are the air fuel ratio -  i.e. an air system matched to the
firebox size and fuel load.

WOOD BURNING SYSTEM: These heaters can burn cord wood or scraps. The wood size we recommend should be split 6" in diameter or smaller. This smaller size wood generates a hot, fast fire that will burn complete in about 2 1/2 hours.

LOCATION: Best location for your heater is in a central area of the home, also best for
heat distribution. We build one, two or more stories high. Usually built as a room divider.
Can be rectangular, 3 sided or round..

HOT WATER: You can also heat your own hot water, while taking no heat from your
home.  You are just getting more out of the wood you are burning. Stainless steel coils can
be used in all heaters.

DURABLE QUALITY: All our heaters are built with the best time proven materials.
The Russian Heaters have a minimum of  8"' thick walls for heat storage and also to
eliminate thermal shock cracks. The outside temperatures will never get hot enough to
burn except for the metal and glass doors.

NO CREOSOTE BUILD-UP:  The principal behind any masonry heater is the unique
design system of the masonry flues which force the heat to pass slowly through the flues
enabling the surrounding masonry to absorb the heat produced .from the burnt wood.  
The fire must burn rapidly, thus extracting more BTU's from the wood. The temperatures
within the masonry flues will rise to between 1600 and 1800 degrees F.  These
temperatures eliminate creosote build-up.

OPTIONS:                         Heaters with coils for making hot water. ovens. or cooktops

FACING MATERIALS:   Brick, stone, stucco, soapstone, tile, marble or granite.

TWO SIZES:                       Small: 52" wide by 28" deep by 7' or more high.
                                             Large: 72" wide by 36" deep by 7' or more high.

CHIMNEY SIZE:              8"x 12"   masonry chimney or 8" round chimney.

PAD SIZE:                          4' x 7' x 12" deep

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