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Finnish Contraflow Heat-Kit

Washington State Certification Letter for Contrtaflow "Heat Kit"

The Heat-Kit system was developed in 1985.  It is a system of precast refractory components that has allowed us to reduce the amount of expensive on-site time required to build a heater core by 90% .   The main innovation was to retain about 50% of the firebrick construction in the core, including all critical areas such as the firebox. Firebrick are unsurpassed, in our opinion, for taking the heavy abuse of thermal cycling.

Gas flow

Gas flow through the Heat-Kit is illustrated below. It is shown with the bakeoven option.

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Cutaway Illustration of a Contraflow Heater

Outside combustion air enters at a lower level through the foundation. It passes through the air damper (1) and then into the firebox (2). Rapid combustion of the fuel charge results in long flames, which are directed around the bakeoven and then burn out in the secondary combustion chamber. The hot gases are cooled in two downdraft heat exchange channels (7) and enter a connecting plenum (8) under the firebox. From there the cooled exhaust gases enter the chimney at floor level. The design of the connecting plenum allows the chimney to be connected anywhere at the back or side of the heater without unbalancing the downdraft channels.

A shutoff damper (9) in the chimney is closed once the fire is completely out, after about two hours. This interrupts the chimney draft and prevents the large amount of energy now stored in the masonry from bleeding out through the flue.

Domestic Bakeoven Option
Bakeovens are readily incorporated into Contraflow heaters and have become a very popular option in the last few years.  In the "white" oven that we developed for the Contraflow Heat-Kit, the flames go around the oven chamber instead of through it.  This allows the oven to be used at any time.  The oven floor is unobstructed, with no throat opening to the firebox and the interior remains clean, with no soot or ash deposits. The closed oven chamber and airtight cast iron or glass oven door gives you perfect bread crust - you don't have to add any moisture

The design has been refined over several years of trials and feedback from users.  It is no longer simply an add-on feature.  Instead, we have redesigned the whole heater around it.

      Benefits include:  *oven floor is several inches lower, for easier access.
                                     *oven temperature now reaches 500 degrees F and stays above
                                       350 degrees F for up to ten hours.
                                     *we've added direct heat to the oven floor, so that you can now
                                        make the ultimate brick oven pizza.

The oven operates at zero cost, since you are firing the heater daily to heat your home.  It can be on either side (front or back).  A popular design is to have the heater serve as a space divider between living room and kitchen, with the glass firebox doors on the living room side and the oven on the kitchen side.

A Great Bun Warmer
Yes, with the Contraflow heater you can have a heated hearth - one side or all four.   It is considered to be the best option ever offered in the heating world.  It will be the most sought after seat in the house, attractive to one and all including the "kitty".

Additional Information:

Required Clearance 4 inches
Required Chimney 8" x 12 masonry or 8" round metal
Footprint 34" x 48" + hearth 16" x 48" + flue 16" x 20"
Wood Length 16"
Heating Capacity 2000 sq. ft. +
Fuel Load 40 to 50 lbs
Overall Efficiency Over 70%
Combustion Efficiency Over 95%
Height 7' 3"
Facing Material Any Masonry
Shipping Wt Core 2000 lbs
Delivery LTL (Less than a load)
Payment In advance

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